There’s an overwhelming number of articles that are posted daily.

According to a report by, bloggers worldwide publish 7.5 million posts a day and WordPress stipulates that they are roughly around 70 million posts every single month.

It’s safe to say that being able to stand out is very important if you want your business to have any digital buzz at all and that is what SEO is all about.

The importance of SEO cannot be overemphasized in today’s world where everything is on the internet. It has evolved over the last 20 years into what it is now in 2021.

This evolution has put some websites/blogs out of business while those who choose to understand SEO and keep up with its trends have benefited immensely from it by having their sites create enough digital buzz to help their business.

An overview of what to expect from this article is the basic understanding of SEO, knowing the different techniques of SEO and also how to utilize SEO in 2021.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. To understand what this means you have to understand how the internet works.

The internet is just a bunch of computers talking to each other. But to access the information on this network of computers, you need a browser.

These browsers use different search engines; such as Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Ask, Yahoo etc.

Search engines are the middlemen in any interaction on the internet between your intended readers, prospects or audience and your content or article.

Optimization in this case is creating your content (blog post, videos, graphic images) using the understanding of the search engines or in this case search engine (Google); such as how to use keywords and other useful techniques that’ll be mentioned later with the intent of being ranked top on the search engine.

Why We Optimize For Google

Google is one of most used search engines worldwide. Take a look at the chart below showing how well they are used in insanely populated countries like Brazil, China, India, Spain etc.

Source: Statista

According to Review42, “we know that considering that there are almost 4.39 billion internet users, the number of Google users worldwide is nearly four billion. There are over 70,000 Google searches each second. That’s almost 227 million an hour and about 5.4 billion Google searches per day.”

Google is considered the top player in the search engine industry and so it’s safe to say that any and all content should be optimized to fit its algorithm/protocols.

Google Algorithm

The Google algorithm is continuously updated to ensure that the process in which the results to searches are ranked are not biased but based on its content quality and reference to the keywords.

Paraphrasing the report posted by Review42, “Google search stats show the company makes 500 to 600 changes to its search algorithms each year. Google uses more than 200 ranking factors and about 10,000 ranking signals to produce the best search results.”

They have made so many changes to this algorithm and these updates affect how contents are ranked. We can’t possibly cover all of the updates in one article so some of the recent and not-so-recent updates that you should be interested in will be listed below:

  • 2012, Google released the ‘Top Heavy’ Update which basically means that Google will not be ranking websites that choke their webpages full with ads and too little content to compensate. This just goes to show that if you treat your website like a get-rich-quick scheme, it may not go so well.
  • 2013, they released the ‘HummingBird’ Update. This Update lets the software interpret the intent of your search rather than pulling up results based on individual keywords.
  • 2014, they prioritized promoting local content by returning queries with keywords that are location-related with websites with such location tags. Basically providing the service-related businesses the opportunity to reach their prospects/audience. This update was known as the ‘Pigeon’ Update.
  • In 2015, it released the ‘Mobile Gideon’ Update that gives a higher ranking to websites that are optimized for both desktop and mobile.
  • In 2019, Google rolled out a major update called the ‘June 2019 Core Update’. They basically upped the requirement for any website to get ranked. This is considered an important update because many websites were affected by it. Websites get ranked based on content quality and quantity, website loading time, bounce rate, and the amount of ads and affiliate links.
  • For 2021, Google is set to release the ‘Page Experience Algorithm’ update which is expected to rank websites based on user experience (UI/UX). This update is speculated to make websites that are optimized for better user experience rank higher on their search engine.

There are several more updates. These updates are necessary for Google to continue improving its outstanding service as the top search engine.

Different SEO Techniques in 2021

1. Content is King 

In order to create buzz you need substance.

It is not far fetched to expect that most people will be naturally drawn to things that will benefit them: same goes with SEO.

In digital marketing, content is king. 

If Google’s algorithm perceives your website as one that follows the page quality guideline then your website will automatically rank higher on the search engine.

So basically, giving out value should be the intent of this technique.

Google does not want any and every person who writes basic blog post to end up at the top of their searches; they want the best.

So, create contents that helps solve problems or offers insights on certain issues.

Another thing about content is king is that creating just one good content is not enough. People will see that one good post and rush to your website for more but eventually end up disappointed because you only put out good content once in a long time.

It’s not enough to have quality content but the quantity matters as well. If the bounce rate on your page becomes too much, Google immediately deranks your page.

This technique of SEO guarantees steady followership that forms a community. A community indicates that your site is valuable and such platforms are good for Ads.

This leads to money in your account and everyone ends up winning at the end.

You should approach SEO as a “give and take” kind of ordeal; You give out value, offer solutions or give important and calculated insights in order to get the desired traffic you need.

2. Keyword

Writing the article is one thing but optimizing it to match the keywords that you want to be ranking on, is another thing entirely.

Keywords are the basics of Google’s algorithm and it is a fundamental part of SEO.

According to the research done by Ahrefs of over a billion websites, “90.63% of all pages in our index get zero traffic from Google, and 5.29% of them get ten visits per month or less.”

Source: Ahrefs

There are specific web tools that help in keyword research such as Google Search Console, Semrush, Ahrefs, Brightedge, Topvisor, Wordtracker etc. Some of these tools do more than just keyword research; they help with other SEO-related information for your page.

3. Title, Tags and Meta Description

This is an important part of marketing because this is what sells your article.

It serves as your pitch to your audience, explaining to them why they should choose your website over the million other websites that are also offering the same solution.

Using the right tags also helps with the ranking of your website. Google’s algorithm associates your tags with the queries made on the search engine and if your tags, the keywords in your content and also your title matches it, you are most likely going to be ranked top on the search engine.

Meta Descriptions are the few words written under the websites or blog post link whenever a search is made. Utilizing the meta description could also help in the ranking of your website. 


2021 is a good year to up your SEO game and make your website rank higher on this highly sought-after Search Engine (Google).

Drive digital buzz to your website, blog post, video content, business etc. by optimizing your website or blog post to the preferred search engine.

Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to experienced SEO experts for consultation and support in properly optimizing your business, products and services.

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