Drive Digital buzz is a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating the buzz needed by Startups, Growth Companies and SMEs to speed up business growth and maximize marketing ROI.

We offer different solutions and services like organic backlinks from authoritative publications for SEO and quality content creation and marketing.

Also, we provide informative blog posts, guides and tutorials on the the blog to enable entrepreneurs and founders catch up on recent tech trends, news in the SEO space and also business info.

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Founder – David Odinegun

Digital Marketer and PR Specialist, David Odinegun is the Founder and Creative Director of

He specializes in creating a digital buzz to business websites to build audience and improve online visibility and sales for companies.

He writes a lot about Branding for startups, Tech trends, Cybersecurity, IoT and SEO and more. He’s also a Mechatronic Engineer and loves to share valuable insights on automation and IoT.

Reach out to David to get consultation and professional support in growing your business online, read the blog to stay up-to-date with business and tech trends and connect with him on LinkedIn.