Social media has always been a massive marketing tool, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic halted a lot of activities like mall shopping and physical purchases of goods or services. This prompted the use of social media for marketing by various businesses.

The use of social media was highly justified because more than half of the world’s population use social media and the massive spike of social media users means more reach for their brands or products.


Most internet users have different reasons for being online. It could be for learning something new, entertainment purposes, how-to contents, keeping up with the latest trends, and also for information and news.

The generation (Gen Z) are aggressively involved on these social networks and they instinctively make decisions on what brands to patronize on social media. When they research brands, it is highly estimated that they do so on social media.

The question asked whenever you are selling your brand or product to a Gen Z, would likely be “are you on Instagram?” or any other social network that they are frequently on.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. are major social networks you can use to boost your brand visibility.

Brand visibility is guaranteed if you can learn how to effectively use social media as a visibility tool for your business.

There are several ways to utilize social media as a means to boost your digital presence and create a buzz online, some of which are discussed below.

Content Marketing

Posting valuable content on social media helps boost your brand visibility. Such content could be how-to content, informative or educational content, latest trends, etc.

It is important to stay relevant in the eyes of your target audience. You can do this by constantly having your content on their feed.

Having enough content that sells your brand whenever a social media user visits your social media page is important.

Video content has a higher conversion rate than other forms of content. A report by Investpcro suggested that  52% of marketing professionals name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

Product photography and graphic photos are contents that can be used for social media marketing as well.

Your social media page should effectively promote your goods and services, as it is the digital face of your brand.

Influencer Marketing

Almost all popular social networking platforms have recorded a spike in the use of influencers.

A report by The Shelf shows that 58% of social media users have noticed more influencer content.

Influencers are people in a particular niche that have a specific audience and this audience will make a purchase decision based on the comments and remarks of their influencers.

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are examples of fashion influencers on Instagram. For YouTube, you’ll find influencers on tech like Marques Brownlee and Unbox Therapy.

If your brand or product were to end up on any influencers platform and also get a good review from them, then your brand or business will receive an influx of new customers from their audience or followers.

Understand Social Media Algorithm

Just like any software, these social networking platforms have algorithms governing how contents are seen by their users.

The knowledge of the algorithm of your preferred social networking platform could easily increase your brand visibility.

Here are several ways to use the knowledge of algorithms to your advantage:

  • Use of keywords

Keywords are an essential part of digital marketing for websites and blogs. They also apply to social media as well.

Social media platforms like YouTube that was bought by Google in 2008, operate with a similar search engine that uses keywords.

Queries are made on the YouTube/Google search engines and it pulls up video content that matches the keywords.

Creating video content that matches keywords by including them in the title and description will most likely increase your ranking on the search engine.

Studying what keywords to use for your brand and niche is important when creating content for YouTube.

  • Captions

Social media contents are highly visual and having a very long caption will not help with your engagement on social media.

Paraphrasing the report made by Socialinsider, when using more than 10 words, the Instagram engagement slightly lowers down. But here’s an interesting catch: captions longer than 30 words may be better to be paired with a video.

Call to action and questions that drive engagement should be included in your caption.

  • Post timing

There are crucial moments to post on social media that will yield leads and also drive engagement.

Some posts can do well at a certain time but that same post will not convert as well if posted several hours later.


According to the chart above, posting at midnight on Monday will not get enough engagement compared to a post made on Wednesday by 3 pm.

Studying your social media content performance can help create a very effective posting timetable and help with your brand visibility.

  • Hashtags

The use of hashtags for brand visibility can not be over-emphasized and its application can increase the reach of your posts.

It is important in social media because some users follow hashtags and if you use these hashtags, then your post will likely end up on their feed.

Hashtags that are relevant to your niche and also have the right amount of volume to help boost your visibility are crucial factors to consider when selecting hashtags to use.

Using hashtags that boost your visibility in your locality can help with your reach. You should also use hashtags that help target your content to your appropriate audience.

  • Tagging

Marketing has been made a lot easier with the use of tags. There are several ways to use this technique and one of them is through giveaways.

Post something that you’re giving away for free on your page and get your audience to tag people that they think will enjoy the offer.

You get free traffic on your page and increase your brand visibility for free, well not completely free.

  • Stories

Social media stories have been integrated on almost every platform. These stories can be used in marketing and also help with your brand visibility.

Social media stories have no limit when it comes to reach; anybody can view your stories, not just your followers.

Stories on social media have a lot of potential and if harnessed properly, they will help with your brand visibility.

  • Track social progress

Experimenting with social media is highly recommended.

You can try out different techniques to increase your brand visibility and track the progress on whichever social media platform you decide to use.

You can use insights of the social media platforms to check the reach of a post, the best posting time for your post, the best sets of hashtags to use, and also what captions and content convert more for your brand.

Sproutsocial, Keyhole, HubSpot, BuzzSumo, Snaplytics, etc are third-party apps that also track, record, and give valuable information for your social media page.


Giving your business the digital buzz it needs on social media can be hard but it is something that needs to be done. The use of professionals is highly recommended for effective social media marketing to get proper ROI.

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